Go to the Dear Candidates page to see our open letter to candidates.  Candidates love to be needed but we love to tell them when they are not needed.


Average Joe’s are looking for a few great candidates.  These men and women are the exact opposite of the ones addressed in the Dear Candidates letter.  They look at the government as the problem and have it in mind to fix the country by eliminating as much government as possible.  Later in the campaign season we will select the candidates we see who want to put citizens before government.

We hope to expand this arena into a fundraising arm for worthwhile candidates.  Our goal is to help elected officials resist the Siren Song pull of special interests and their money so that they can be more responsive to Average Joe citizens.

So candidates beware!  Our endorsement is a double edged sword.  We will monitor the careers of our endorsed candidates.  We will carefully match their words with their actions to ascertain if they are still walking the walk during their careers.  If we notice that candidates are supporting legislation that gives special privileges, ignores basic economic precepts, or fails to enhance freedom for Average Joe’s we will trumpet it loud and clear from this platform and any other we can access.  We will also agitate loudly for and help new worthwhile candidates take your seat.  Walk-the-walk though and we will gladly assist candidates with re-election or other political opportunities.


We will re-engage our page for candidates to provide a short description of their candidacy and a link to their campaign websites later in the campaign season.  If you have a candidate you’d like us to link to ask them to Contact Us and we’ll make space for them.